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News & Events

  • 27
    Feb 2018
    Science Exhibition

    Science Exhibition was held in the school on 27th February 2018. Students prepared working models on many topics.,

  • 15
    Feb 2018
    Abacus & Vedic Maths Championship

    Abacus and vedic maths championship held on 15/02/18

  • 09
    Feb 2018
    Memory Farewell 2017 - 2018

    Memory Farewell 2017 - 2018

  • 05
    Feb 2018
    Prize Distribution Ceremomy

    Participans: I to VIII

    "Annual Sports Day Prize Distribution Ceremony" was held in the school premises on 25 January 2018.

    Medals, Certificates and Trophies were given to the winners.

    Out of the four houses the winner house was Krishna house with 129 points and the runner -up house was Chaitanya house with 121 points.

  • 26
    Jan 2018
    Republic Day Celebration

    Participation: I to VIII

    Republic Day was celebrated in the school premises on 25 January 2018. Flag Hoisting was done by Principal ,Madam. Students performed o patriotic songs and dances like Aisa desh hai meara, Vande matram, Sunu gour se duniya etc. Sweets were distributed among the students.


  • 17
    Jan 2018
    Annual Sports Day 2017- 2018


    Physical fitness is the first requisite of happiness.

    Dear Parents,

    Hare Krishna!

    Physical fitness is not only one of the most important key to a healthy body, it is the basic dynamic and creative intellectual activity and to promote this, we have organised our.

    ANNUAL SPORTS DAY 2017 -2018

    On Friday 19th January 2018 in Agrasen Park near Mother’s pride, Sector-5, Rohini.

    Timings: 7:30 am to 2:00pm

    It will be our pleasure to have you with us on this day to cheer our students and encourage them. Timings for parents are 10:30am.

    Students Should come with their water bottle & snack box.(laboured properly)

  • 25
    Dec 2017
    Christmas Celebration

    Participant: I to XII

    Christmas activity was conducted in the school. All students participate in the activity. Children sang carols of Jesus and performed Skits on this day. Many students dressed as Santa Claus.

  • 26
    Dec 2017

    Athletics (Throwing Events)

    - Shot-Put

    - Discuss-Throw

    - Javelin-Throw

    Athletics (Jumping Events)

    - Long Jump

    - High Jump

    Athletics (Running)

    - 50 M. Race

    - 100 M Race

    - 200 M Race

    - Relay Race

    - Needle Race

    - Slow-Cycling

    - Three- Legged Race

    Junior Wing Races 

    - Sack Race

    - Frog Jump

    - Monkey Race

    - Lemon-Spoon

    - Book-Balancing

  • 28
    Dec 2017
    Sports Events Conducted during the Session 2017- 18

    - Inter-House Chess Competion (Boys & Girls)

    - Inter-House Table - Tennis Match (Boys & Girls)

    - State Match (Girls)

    - Inter - House Basket Ball Match (Boys & Girls)

    - Volley - Ball Match (Boys)

    - Throw - Ball Match (Girls)

    - Kabaddi Match (Boys)

    - Cricket Match (Boys)

    - Badminton (Single Boys & Girls)

    - Leg Cricket (Girls) 



  • 07
    Jan 2016
    Information Regarding HIV & Magic Show

    PaParticipants: I to |VIII

    Delhi State Aids control society has conducted an informativesession in the school premises regarding HIV Aids. They made the students aware about: 

    1. The main reasons or causes of HIV.

    2. How to prevent themself from HIV.

    They also shown an unbeatble "Magic Show" to the students and taught many magic tricks to the students. They present a small drama in front of the students through which they showed that how HIV Aids Spread and how we can take preventive measures to protect ourself from it. Many volunteers have mocked up as "Sher Khan" and presented a terrified and hillarious dance. The students enjoyed a lot in this session and they also became aware of HIV Aids.

  • 01
    Feb 2017
    Saraswati Puja (Basant Panchami)

    Participants: I to VIII

    Saraswati Puja was organised in the school premises. All the Students came in ethenic wear. Cultural programme was also observed.

    Students performed on Bhajeans. Prasadam were served among students.


  • 11
    Aug 2017
    Janmashtami Celebration

    Participants: I to VIII

    Janmashtai was celebrated in the school premises. All the students dressed in their ethnic attire.

    Many cultural programme was held in the school. Our school's kirtan mandali has performed many bhajans. Prasadam was distributed among the students. All the students Participated enthuiastically.

  • 11
    Aug 2017
    Independence Day Celebration

    Participants: I to VIII

    Independence Day was celebrated in school. Flag hoisting was done. Students performed on patriotic songs.

    Students performed on many songs like: 

    a) Aisa Des Hai Mera

    b) Vande Matram etc.

    A drawing competition was also held in the school(Topic: Independence Day or Janmashtami)

    Sweets and Biscuits were distributed among students.


  • 05
    Aug 2017
    Raksha Bandhan Celebration

    Participants: I to VIII

    The School has Conducted a Competition of Rakhi making for girls and girls and Envelope making for boys Raksha Bandhan. T|he students has Participated with full enthusiasm and prizes were distributed among students who secure first, second and third positions.

  • 30
    Sep 2017
    Dessehr Celebration

    Participants : I To VIII

    Dussehra Celbrtion was conducted in the school premises. All students participated in the celebration. They make different marks of Ravana, Meghnath And Kumbkarna in the classes. A Special assembly was conducted on that day in which the importance of "Dussehra" was explained to the students- the day that dymbolizes the victory of "Good Over Evil".

  • 09
    Sep 2017
    Teacher's Day Celebration

    Participants: I to VIII

    Our school has organized Teacher's Day Celebration on 5th September. Students prepare beautiful cards for their respective teachers. Special assembly was conducted by the students for their teachers. They performed on different songs, plays etc. Everybody enjoyed a lot.

  • 13
    Dec 2017
    Sports Annual Meet Held in Titiksha Public School

    Sports Annual Meet Held In Titiksha Public School Sector -11 Rohini, from 13-12-2017 to 15-12-2017. Some of our school students go the privilege to participate enthusiastically in this meet. Students took part in many sports activities like 50m race, pick and drop relay race, low hurdle race, long jump, hoopla race, shullte relay race. it was a greate opportunity for them to explore their physical skills.

  • 12
    May 2017
    Mother's Day Celebration

    Participants: I to VIII

    We have organised "Mother's Day Celebration" on 12th May 2016. The following activites were conducted in all classes - 

    - Crown Making

    - Photo Frame For Mother's

    - Card Making

    All the students participated in this activity with full enthusiasm.


  • 11
    May 2017
    ICe- Cream Day Celebration

    Participants: I to VIII

    Our school has conducted "Ice-Cream day" clebration in the school premises. An Ice-Cream Hawker was called in the school premises and all the students were given ice-creams. They all enjoyed a lot.


  • 05
    May 2017
    Cleanliness Day Celebration

    Participants: I to VIII

    Our School Organized Cleanliness Drive under Swachh Bharat Swasth Bharat Abhiyaan Programme. The Main Purpose of this programme was to create awareness among the students regarding cleanliness and its benefits. As a part of this cleanliness Drive, all the students cleaned the whole school. In the end all students and teachers took oath of keeping our home, locality and city clean.

  • 13
    Apr 2017
    Baisakhi Celebration

    Participants: I to VIII

    Our School has celebrated Baisakhi with great zeal and enthusiasm. A special assembly was held to mark the occassion. Children were explained about the importance of the festival by showcasing the punjabi Culture. The motive behind the celebrations was to apprise the children of their rich culture and heritage.

  • 11
    Apr 2017
    Poster Making (Earth Day)

    Participaants: I to VIII

    Our School has conducted Poster Making Competition for classes I to VIII. All the students Participated in this activity. The topic was -"Earth Day".

    Result For Juniors:

    I - Jatin Narang [Class IV] (Chaitanya House)

    II - Harshita Mishra  [Class IV] (Chaitanya House)

    III - Mansi Paul  [Class IV] (Chaitanya House)

    Result For Seniors:

    I - Mayank Vashishta [Class VIII] (Nityananda House)

    II - Advit Tomar [Class VIII] (Krishna House)

    III - Joyci Sharma  [Class VI] (Chaitanya House)


  • 07
    Apr 2017
    World Health Day

    Participants: I to VIII World Health Day was celecbrated in the school premises on  ______________. The Teachers narrated a story to the students. The story was about " Healthy food and Junk food". All the students enjoyed a lot and they also write a slogan on A-4 size sheet about "Healthy food & Junk food".

  • 07
    Apr 2017
    House Meeting

    Houses were alloted to new students and teachers. Head boy, Head girl and House Captains were appointed.

    The names of our Houses are:

    - KRISHNA (Red Color)

    - CHAITANYA (Yellow Color)

    - BALRAM (Pink Color)

    - NITYANANDA (Blue Color)

  • 03
    Nov 2017
    Self defence seminar

    Life is a gift and in the kind of the world we live in today especially Women, who are usually referred as the weaker gender , are considered easier targets. In a country like India where the cases of gender violence are on rise, out of which many go unreported, self-defence for everyone and especially women has become a necessity more than ever.. for the same, scps organised self defence seminar at school because we want our children to be safe at every point in life.

  • 05
    Nov 2017
    Salwan marathon 2017 at Delhi Cantonment ..”once a marathoner,always a marathoner”

    Running through the pricturesque countryside's long winding trails, past the covers of Babool and Kikar, across the rivulets...with a family of hares springing out of the bushy shrubs or the peacocks in full glory,dancing or even the horses that stand idle in the stables after a game of Polo...our students ran close to nature in the greatest experience "TIME" can offer... on 5-11-2017 at the great “Salwan Marathon” and won exciting positions and awards.

    school is proud of all of them.

  • 11
    Oct 2017
    A bright diwali for indian products

    Indians are what makes india proud..!

    As a responsible citizen of the country we have certain duties towards our nation. This diwali scps teaches all the students to boycott chinese products and use only Indian products. Diwali is our holy religious festival and we should enlight the houses of all the indian workers who make these products for us that beautifies our homes.

    We too wish, everyone all the yound brigade and the women to opt for indian products and show trust and belief in india.!

    Jai hind 🇮🇳🙏🏻

  • 17
    Oct 2017
    Diwali celebration in school

    The celebration of diwali will be coming alive through Diwali mela at sree chaitanya public school, on 17-oct-2017 when the whole school will be wearing a festive look with diyas adorning the premises in bright colours. There will be abuzz of various activities game stalls and food stalls where the children will be enjoying & learning through realistic market. Besides sensitizing students ti ill effects of crackers, guidelines on being safe while bursting them will be given.

  • 08
    Sep 2017
    Anti pollution Campaign

    Sree chaitanya public school organised "say no to pollution" campaign under the guidance of our principal ma'am by PCRA. The aim of the campaign was to advocate the message about Eco friendly Diwali.The day saw the authorised persons of PCRA vociferating slogans and informing children about the harmful hazards of pollution.our children participanted actively and pledged to save environment by reducing this menace.